Internal controls

You have successfully finalized the risk assessment and know to which risks you will give priority. The next step is the setup of an internal control system by which risks can be reduced towards a certain acceptation level.

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Your challenges

Let vestigium help you with the following challenges:

- How to efficiently and effectively implement internal controls?
- How to re-evaluate and rationalize existing controls?
- How to implement appropriate internal controls in you IT landscape?

What vestigium offers you

Risk & control frameworks

We assess, optimize and implement management control frameworks.

Internal control self-assessments

We support your organization with the assessment of risks and control measures (self-assessments). These self-assessments will become the basis for your assessment of the quality of the internal control framework.

Internal control strengthening

We help organizations in the assessment of design and operational effectiveness of internal controls. If needed, we advise in implementing better and more appropriate controls.

How to strengthen your internal control environment


Based on high level screening of your business processes and the identified risks during a risk assessment exercise, we make an overview of proposed internal controls.

Efficient and effective

We search for existing internal controls to cover the risks. We assess whether these controls are effective for both design and operations. We analyse whether these controls are the most efficient way to cover for the risk.

Implementation plan

With the list of proposed internal controls, you can start the implementation, or you can choose for vestigium to help you with the implementation of the internal controls.

Best practices

We lift your organization to the next level based on the best practices according to the applicable standards.

Monitoring system

We assist you in setting up a monitoring system zo that compliance with the procedures is also guaranteed in the future.


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