Organizations often face complex challenges in governance, risk and compliance. New laws and regulations are introduced. Organizations have to make sure they have robust and appropriate compliance control systems in place.

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Setting up, implementing and monitoring compliance is often seen as an obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulations, quality or industry standards. However, for many organizations it’s also an opportunity to evaluate their processes and internal organization in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness.

Being compliant with laws and regulations or industry standards does not only reduce the risk of reputational damage in case of unwanted events. It’s also becoming a competitive advantage, as compliance is increasingly becoming a requirement in generating new business.

How to get compliant with laws and regulations or industry standards?


Vestigium helps with the design or improvement of your compliance organization. We support your organization in:

  • - Mapping compliance requirements;

  • - Setting up or improving the compliance structure;

  • - Implementing the compliance structure: drafting charters, internal codes of conduct, procedures, and guidelines;

  • - Setting up reports for follow up purposes regarding compliancy.


During implementation phase, you can count on our organizational, legal and technical expertise related to law and regulations, quality standards and business codes.

We accompany you as a business partner for:

  • - Setting up awareness initiatives and training related to compliancy, tailored to your organization;

  • - Setting up business controls to periodically monitor the compliance requirements.


Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of risk assessments, internal controls and internal audit, vestigium can help you in auditing your compliance structure (in co-sourcing structure or independent):

  • - Compliance risk assessments;

  • - Compliance control assessments;

  • - Audits on both compliance organization and living up to compliance requirements;

  • - Maturity measurements.


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